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Will your cigarette gantry pay its way after the law changes in April 2015?

With plain packs now looking increasingly likely, tobacco suppliers no longer supplying any new gantries and doors currently being fitted to existing ones to hide their availability, retailers with stores under 3,000sq ft are now facing up to the reality that tobacco will, in future, contribute lower sales than the category has done historically. Which calls for some new thinking!

Why not remove your gantry?
After all it will, in the very near future, only be a pair of doors sat behind what is arguably the most visible area in your store! Think how many more sales you can drive from that area if you were able to free it up! You extend your spirits fixture or make it a promotional area that shoppers will see and purchase items on impulse.
But what do you do with your tobacco?
Best-one has recently negotiated a source of supply with Expotutto, a leading supplier of alternative tobacco units in Italy, for their ceiling-mounted ‘Servertab’ unit
They’re designed to sit above your counter so that the shop assistant only has to reach up to select the customer’s chosen brand. The unit is installed at the optimum height based on a retailer’s ceiling height so all stores can be accommodated.
Best-one retailer Pam Dhesi in Barry, South Wales, is the group’s first retailer to install the Servertabs, and couldn’t be happier with it. According to Pam, “the unit is absolutely brilliant – it’s very neat and tidy, and by using the space above your head it frees up lots of valuable space behind the counter for items such as medicines and alcohol.”
The most popular unit holds 1,440 packs of cigarettes (10s and 20s) and 348 pouches of rolling tobacco. For Bestway Direct retailers, we have negotiated a special price of £1,623+vat delivered and fully installed, a cost that is quickly recouped – within 8 weeks in trial retailers – through higher sales of the products that sit in the space vacated by the traditional gantry. An install normally takes only a couple of hours with minimal disruption to your customers.

If you’d like more information about the “Servertab” please contact your BDE or the exclusive UK installer Marline Designs on 0845 1227755. Please quote “Bestway” to ensure you”re charged the special lower Bestway-negotiated price.