A bright response to going dark brought to you by
NFRN Commercial Ltd and financed by NFRN Credit Union Ltd
at a special rate of 0.72% per month (8,99% APR)

The ServerTab overhead cigarette and tobacco serving facility is the elegant and inexpensive solution to complying with new tobacco legislation in April 2015. Why turn your back on your customers? Why fiddle about searching for
stock behind blinds, curtains or shutters? Use the space behind your counter to promote higherticket items and watch the ServerTab pay for itself.

NFRN Credit Union Ltd will help with your purchase. For example, if your choice from the ServerTab range were
to cost £1,500, you could pay for it with 12 equal repayments of £135.00. The cost would be just over £71.00 in interest offset by an increase of just under £49.00 in your savings account.

Only members can borrow so please contact NFRN Credit Union Ltd and open a savings account without delay.
Call Agata on 020 7017 8858 or email admin@nfrncreditunion.com to take advantage of this and future
NFRN Credit Union special offers.

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