Dark gantry experiment
boosts impulse sales

An independent store has reported encouraging sales a month after installing an innovative tobacco gantry system ahead of the upcoming display ban.
Steve and Val Archer said initial results at their Staffordshire Premier c-store have been hugely encouraging and have boosted sales in tobacco as well as other areas.
The trial, in partnership with wholesaler Booker, set up a Servertab unit above the counter, while the existing gantry was adapted to take spirits and more space was given over to cakes and biscuits.
Sales of all were up, in the case of biscuits as much as 90%, while tobacco and cigarettes were up almost a quarter year on year.
Val Archer said: “We’re very pleased. I don’t think people impulse buy cigarettes.The beauty of it is it’s using a dead space above your head and releases space. It’s definitely had a big uplift on spirit sales, the smaller sizes too, which give a higher margin. We’re working on some slight refinements, but that’s the object of the exercise. I’d definitely recommend it.”