Sara Spary
From The Grocer

Bestway, Today’s & Booker set up dark-compliant tobacco gantry deals

Bestway, Today’s Group and Booker retailers are set to benefit from “dedicated discounts” on dark-compliant gantries, thanks to a deal with manufacturer Expotutto.
The symbol groups have negotiated preferential rates for retailers that will deliver savings of up to 10% on Servertab – a dark-compliant gantry stored overhead and behind the counter.
The discounted rates have been negotiated until the end of October, and the units are fully compliant with the tobacco display ban, which is due to come into force in small stores from April 2015.
NFRN members will also be able to cash in on a financing option developed by the trade body, Expotutto director Luigi Spina said. NFRN Credit Union will offer a monthly finance package to independent retailers purchasing the units.
Spina claimed Servertab, which costs £1,683, also had the benefit of increasing sales of non-tobacco items by freeing up space for higher-ticket items such as alcohol. A 38-inch digital screen could also be installed, so retailers can advertise non-tobacco products.
“Servertab provides an incredible return on investment,” he said.